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100,000 developers were ousted by Google last year

Billions of apps combed to increase security.

The Google online platform is known for its outstanding level of security, and we have seen a number of negative comparisons and reviews in recent years. The company is understandably trying to change current opinions, and to this end, serious steps were taken last year, which resulted in the exclusion of a number of outside developers.

It was posted in the Official Blog Focusing on Security at Detailed entry, Which summarizes the 2020 actions. From this, we learned that last year, more than 100 billion apps were featured in the catalog and attempted to include it as part of the Play Protect feature, which was originally introduced in 2017. The year 2020 has been particularly successful, as it forced them The emergence of COVID-19 introduces stricter requirements for pandemic and news apps, as well as a jump in the number of people and groups seeking financial benefits. While the US presidential election was too. As a priority, there must be some way to prevent misleading users.

The algorithm, which focuses on machine learning, preceded the publication of a total of 962,000 applications, so these creations did not even appear on the Play Store. At the same time, 119,000 third-party developer accounts that are malicious or that clearly resemble spam have been blocked, and more specifically blocked from the platform, while other restrictions have been imposed in the online store. Applications that inquire about background data in the background have been reviewed separately, and developers should give users a specific feature in each case, with the inclusion of those developments approved by experts interested in education, especially for children, in a new tab, and more transparency in The news they tried to achieve.

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According to the company, the above steps caused greater appreciation and better response among developers, and they noted that the number of appeals had also decreased dramatically.