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150-200 teenagers break into an unprotected villa in Florida – they try to find it based on party videos on the Internet

The police came out to report last Saturday, but by then most of the partying teens had broken the wheel. However, they did not believe that irresponsible use of a mobile phone could bring them down, so they captured the highlight of the evening, a boxing match held in the lobby of the building.

Florida police are looking for a team of teens who, in the absence of the owner, broke into an $8 million villa to throw a crazy party, and at some point in the night turned the property’s lobby into a boxing ring – Writes Inside Business.

After the riots were announced last Saturday morning, the Walton County Sheriff’s Office was notified – Situations Power in a Facebook post. Although most of the party guests had already fled the scene when the police arrived, evidence of the party was posted on Snapchat and other community platforms, which the police then posted on Facebook.

The videos also show details of a huge party at a house near Panama City in northwest Florida. Among the videos released by the police are some videos of two angry kids fighting in boxing gloves while not only cheering on but of course filming them.

There are also records that play with the values ​​of a distant, unsuspecting property owner: one such party, for example, is filled with jewels in the villa, but seemingly expensive furniture not swept away by global mischief either.

An estimated 150-200 teens attended the party. The villa, whose owners, according to local media, were not present at the party, is still being advertised online for nearly $8 million.

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The Walton County Sheriff’s Office said public partying at home breaks the law, but the case is more serious because it’s considered a burglary.

Aside from damage done and things stolen, this is a complete breach of someone’s home that cannot be priced. The feeling can’t be restricted when you know someone has gone into your wardrobe, tried on your clothes, and used your bathroom

– Illustrated as accompanying videos. The sheriff’s office shut down the letter by asking everyone with information about the party to sign up.

An employee in the sheriff’s office. Corey Dobredina He told USA Today that some of the teens in the videos have already been identified, but that no one has been charged yet.

“Most of them are under the age of 21, and even if they didn’t think they broke into the house, they knew they shouldn’t have been there,” he said.