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20 Russian fighter jets chase a British ship in the Black Sea

Relations frayed off the coast of Crimea, with British sailors preparing to fire.

As we wrote earlier, the reckless British battleship HMS Defender caused a hot situation: the destroyer approached the shores of the Crimea 19 kilometers away. This presents a problem because since the Russian occupation of the peninsula, Moscow has considered Crimea its own territory, so it also monitors the coastal waters with prying eyes. The destroyer Defender was received accordingly on Wednesday: a patrol boat fired warning shots and a plane dropped bombs into the sea near the ship (and all this, according to the British government, did not happen).

While the diplomatic give-and-take also began, the ship continued its voyage to Georgia (more recently Georgia), still close to Crimea. The BBC News According to Russia, this did not take a good name, and since then there have been about 20 Russian combat aircraft and ships escorting the Defender. A BBC reporter on the ship also (indicating a bit that the ship’s course was planned, as they would expect from the angry Russian reactions) said that the Russians were constantly harassing the British destroyer.

According to him, the ship’s crew is ready to engage, the ship’s weapons are all loaded and armed, while Russian threats constantly arrive on the radio to change direction, otherwise the Russians will shoot.

The HMS Defender has run out of the Ukrainian port of Odessa to Georgia. The shortest route is off the coast of Crimea, which the British say is Ukrainian territorial waters, and is an internationally recognized shipping route. This is exactly what the ship wants to prove, which the Russians say only violates the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. The Russian Embassy in Britain renamed Defender (which means defender) in the Provocateur’s tweet, which was no surprise in Hungarian.

In any case, the British show quite surprising Russian behavior, as the Ministry of Defense claims, the Russians are only practicing shooting exercises, and there is nothing to see. Meanwhile, the British ambassador was invited to Moscow for foreign affairs.

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According to the BBC, the story is not unique: in the other half of the world, John S. McCain sailed at a depth of two kilometers in Russian territorial waters in the Sea of ​​Japan. The Russians there also threatened and then allegedly escorted McCain to international waters.