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Theresa May focused on her deal, not a plan B

By Jeff Davies

Theresa May says her focus is on convincing lawmakers to back her Brexit plan in parliament and not on making preparations for any plan B.

The PMs deal, which would see The UK leave the European Union in March next year but retain close trading links to the bloc, is due to be voted on December 11th. However, parliament is deeply split over May’s plan and it looks as though the PM has her work cut out persuading MPS that it is the best deal for Britain, with both the remain and leave camps within her own party highly critical of it. Opposition parties, including The DUP, who May is reliant on to prop up her government, have said they will not vote for it.

The Prime Minister has repeated her belief that her deal is the best one for The UK if it is to protect jobs and economic hardship. She also reiterated that a rejection of the deal could result in crashing out of the EU without a deal or not leaving at all and remains insistent that a referendum on the deal is out of the question.

When asked of her preference in the event of MPs rejecting the plan, the PM said since the vote had not yet taken place, the focus should be on what has been agreed with the EU.

May’s comments come on the back of those issued by The Bank of England on Wednesday that The UK could face an economic crisis surpassing that of the global crash of ten years ago should it leave the EU with no deal.

The PM said that should parliament reject her deal, the government and businesses would need to think about the implementation of no deal preparations.

Parliamentary debate is due to begin on December 4th, for a five day period ahead of the December 11th vote.

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