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2021 Hungarian athletes from Áron Szilágyi and Tamara Csipes

In men, a three-time Olympic champion is a fencer Aron SzilágyiIn the women’s kayak, the winner of four medals and a silver medal in each Tamara tweezers Chosen as Athlete of the Year 2021 by the Hungarian Sports Journalists Association (MSÚSZ) – writes MTI. Szilágyi finished seventh in the year-end vote of the International Association of Sports Journalists (AIPS). We spoke to him after his win in Tokyo this summer, and our article at the time can be read here.

Player of the Year in Traditional Team Sports won a Bronze Medal at the Tokyo Games Became the women’s water polo team, and in the category of team competitions in individual sports A Danuta Kozák, Csipes, Anna Kárász, Dóra Bodonyi She won the assembly of four women’s kayak. Among the coaches, Andras Desi, the bronze medal coach at Szilágyi and the Tokyo Olympics, received the most votes.

Kayaks compete with disabled athletes kiss peter palor buoy Bianca door Both won the gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympics. The women’s wheelchair fencing team became the first in the team competition.

The best e-sportsman of the year is a virtual car racer Patrick with the egg Chosen as the Cup of this year’s leisure sports event in Debrecen Jenő Buzánszky University Football Cup Organizers They can take over. The MSÚSZ Lifetime Achievement Award is for the oldest national football team, at 94 years old Radoli Joseph I received it two days before the party.

Best sporting moment of the year To Attila Viola He achieved the goal of the world champions against the French national team in the European Summer Football Championship. The tight trio was formed on the basis of more than ten thousand fan votes, and the winner was chosen by a professional jury.

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The 64th Ballot Winners were announced at the M4 Sport Awards Ceremony – Athlete of the Year at the National Theater. Ratings were based on 366 votes. Among the award winners were Paralympic champion Karoly Eduard Novak, Romanian Sports Minister Bertalan Varkas, Tond Szabo, Minister of State for Sports, Laszlo Sabo, President of the Hungarian Paralympic Committee, and Raymond Blundell, President of the European Paralympic Committee.