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3 signs of the zodiac for which the coming of the day is especially important for physical and mental health

Now that the sick winter is over and the COVID-19 situation is no longer so depressing at the moment, we probably don’t think much about our health, but that’s not the case – especially not with the following 3 stars In case! If this time your zodiac sign is not among the three, remember, for all of us, physical and mental health, well-being is the greatest treasure, so love it, do not neglect yourself during this time either!

Leo (07.23-08.22)

Before summer comes, lions do well to get rid of the negative feeling, bad memory, worry and anxiety that may be holding her back, preventing her from moving forward. The time you spend immersed in yourself can play a big role in processing things, but keep in mind that you can not just sit and sit in one place – this role can be played by a hearty walk in nature, a little run, but also dancing. And another important tip: make sure you get enough fluids in your body every day!

Buck (12.22-01.19)

If you feel like it’s getting harder to move these days, the problem may be that you’re too used to the same form of movement. Try the shift: If you’ve been running yet, go to the pool, and if you’ve played tennis yet, try another ball game! Don’t forget to take care of the balance of your mental and emotional health as well, as the two go hand in hand and strengthen each other: if spirituality is in place, physical movement is better, and if you move more, things will be easier to put in place. also in his soul.

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Barber (02.199.-03.20.)

Fish are often particularly sensitive to seasonal changes, so now that the end of spring approaches and the real summer approaches, a slightly more complicated period may begin for you. If you feel tired or exhausted, do not despair! On the one hand, the thing is only temporary, and on the other hand, if you stop for a bit and think about your daily, weekly routine, you can probably easily spot a thing or two that will waste your energy unnecessarily. Try to eliminate these things!

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