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300 retirees arrive for Sports Day in Kiskaba

The more than 300 participants who attended Vieques County’s Sports and Family Health Day were able to enrich their sports, cultural and gastronomic experiences.

The Vieques County Pension Association Association has been running sports days for over 10 years. The organizer said that the Ministry of Human Resources, Vieques County local government and Tamas Hersheg A member of Parliament also supported the event. Mrs. Pal Szrenka According to him, the event is very popular among retirees, as cultural, sports and gastronomic experiences also add color to the program.

Balázs Szegedi, Tamás Herczeg and Plné Szrenka

– We also have cultural artists as well as a cooking competition, but our teams also compete in sports. The county chief said that ball games, bowling, billiards, badminton and competition games are also available, and you can also apply for drawing competitions, so we have created a variety of programs.

In the morning, the participants of the culinary competition arrived as soon as possible, since the meat had to be put in a cauldron in time to serve a delicious stew for lunch. One team leader said he makes 62 servings of pork stew.

– I have cooked less and more in a cauldron several times, but I deal with it only at the amateur level. He explained that the pork stew is currently made from 25 kg of mixed pork Janos Faludi.

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An MP from the region emphasized that people need community experiences not only in their twenties or thirties, but also in their retirement years.

If older people are part of society, partly playing sports, and partly engaging in culture, their quality of life is better and their chances of life are simply better. In Hungarian, it is very important for old people and pensioners to be together, to spend time together well and pleasantly – he said. Tamas Hersheg.

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to the county government Balázs Szegedi The Vice President’s thoughts are welcome.

“During the pandemic, many of our communities have not been able to meet in person, which is very important. I have learned from my parents and grandparents that community teamwork is one of our most important values, and that the county government wants to support this,” Balaz Szeje emphasized.

This was not possible before, but this year, thanks to grants, the star guest provided a good atmosphere: Ferenc Cazor Gave his foot to the retired communities.