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343 Industries boss feels players’ pain over cumbersome game development system

A beta version of the multiplayer game Halo Infinite has been underway for a few weeks now. Players basically get a great experience, but there are serious issues with the game development system. In the Battle Pass, we were originally only able to move forward if we faced the daily and weekly challenges. Although the developers have removed some of the more drastic challenges from the game and made subtle tweaks, the development system is still not real. However, the creators promised that this is not the end of the changes, and they will update the game several times and check its development system.

Halo Inifinite developers are currently on vacation, but after the vacation, the team will be working with renewed vigor to improve the Infinite development system. Jerry Hawke, president of 343 Industries, didn’t even put forth a theory, frankly admitting that the game’s development system wasn’t a kid’s game either (but he honestly recommended to players Len’s Island, which was just released).

“Yeah, I’m still playing Halo and I feel everyone’s pain about the development system. We’ll be back next week, and that’s it. [a fejlődési rendszer javítása] It will be our first assignment with the team.”

Hian’s Community Coordinator, Brian Jarrad, said a few days ago that they would hear “constructive feedback” clearly and understandably, and the first thing after leaving would be to change the game in light of that.

Halo Infinite will be released on December 8, 2021 for PC and Xbox consoles. The game will be playable on the same day via Game Pass, as it will be preloaded today. The co-op game and Forge mode will sadly falter, not by much. It was recently revealed that the upcoming Halo game may already be in development, and it is expected to be an episodic in the series.

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