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4 signs that you don’t love yourself enough

There is hardly any advice we would like to tell our girlfriends more often than that they should love themselves, otherwise how can they expect it from others? But in the meantime, this is exactly the proposition that we ourselves rarely accept or follow. Unfortunately, the minority is made up of those who take real steps to self-acceptance (Ashley Graham is one of them, for example!) so now we’re forcing you to look in the mirror! If even one point on our list is right for you, then You don’t love and respect yourself It is enough.

1. Do you walk slowly, do you live a boring life?

Exhaustion not only indicates that you should rest more, but also that you are completely ignoring your own needs. Busyness may seem “cool” at first, but you are wrong if you think that you can only have an exciting life in your pocket with a busy calendar. Plus, you should never push the rest into the background. Sometimes you have to slow down to recharge. Chronic fatigue indicates that you don’t pay attention to the signs in your body and don’t love yourself enough to give it what it needs.

2. My mirror, my mirror tells me who has the most flaws in the countryside…

You need to put the magnifying glass aside to find even the bugs that you don’t have. Self-love starts from there with accepting yourself as you are: imperfectly perfect.

3. Happy others

Are you unable to say no and want to please everyone? Unfortunately, we have to bitter, you don’t become a perfect boyfriend by being a yes – it’s really just a sign of weakness, that you don’t respect yourself. You can’t always put other people’s happiness over your own! And one more thing to note: Your self-esteem does not depend on external reactions! Don’t be afraid to turn down requests that you don’t have the time or desire to make! What if someone gets mad at you a little bit? The point is not to be disappointed! Be strong and know that “no” is often the most positive word in the world!

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4. I time? no thanks!

There are quite a few topics circulating on the internet right now like self-care, but even though everyone has an opinion on it, not many people actually put self-care on their agenda. However, without self time, there is no mental health and well-being, so no self-love. And before you think you have a lot of work to do to shake it off a bit, let’s tell you that even 30 minutes of self-time can dramatically improve your mental health. For example, the ideal step to start is in the morning write thank you notes Instead of mechanically rotating Insta with a blank look. (Yes, we’ve all done this before…) After you wake up, write down three little things you would like to thank in your life! The more lines you fill in your brochure, the more good things you will attract into your life.

Did you even collect the check mark? In this case, it’s time to take action: instead of constant self-criticism, repeat positive affirmations about your person every day and start believing in them! (We know it will be difficult at first…) And if you feel that you are unable to embark on the path of self-acceptance on your own, feel free to visit a professional. Going to therapy isn’t easy at all, actually!

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