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4 things to pay attention to over the age of 50 due to changes in the body: It is not only the quantity that is important in the diet – health

The passage of time cannot be stopped no matter how much one wants at times. After a certain age, the appearance and function of the body can notice signs of aging, which is a normal part of life, and it is not worth fighting it to the point of nails, but you can adapt to it and even slow it down. Appear with daily decisions.

The main goal of paying attention to the changing signs and processes of the body is to maintain health, and at the same time an active, independent and quality life.

What are you looking for over 50?

At about the age of 50, a person may already have signs of a decrease in muscle, bone and collagen levels, and in addition to visible lesions, the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, the development of bone fractures and joint problems increases significantly.

Changes in the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system may also be observed. According to experts, these are all factors that should not be ignored. The most important ones are physical activity, a healthy diet, good sleep, and regular participation in medical examinations.

a meal

With the slowing down of the metabolism, it will be more important than ever to avoid overeating, and to pay attention to the amount, since excess weight increases very easily, which is by no means a problem for aesthetic reasons. Obesity is also a risk factor for joints and the cardiovascular system, as well as for diabetes. It makes it difficult to move, which can lead to a further decrease in activity. But it’s not just quantity that matters, quality is at least as important. Experts recommend avoiding processed foods, in order to maintain health, it is useful to prefer whole foods, fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes rich in fiber, lean meat and fish, not only for weight control, but also for maintaining optimal cholesterol levels and digestion. … they can also help support them and even keep them active.

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Alcohol is empty calories, and not many people believe that in addition to its many negative effects, even fattening is worth eating in moderation. Vitamin supplements may also be needed for bone health, for example vitamin D intake is recommended due to the reduction in the number of hours of the day from autumn to spring.


Exercising is essential in all stages of life, but also in old age because daily activity can drop dramatically. Lack of exercise can manifest in weight gain, decreased muscle strength, and even constipation. However, there are some aspects to consider when choosing a form of exercise and exercise intensity. One of them is osteoporosis, which particularly affects women of childbearing age and can lead to bone fractures even at low levels in the advanced state. Tissue flexibility decreases, which can lead to tendon ruptures due to poor movements during more intense movements (such as running and weightlifting). This is especially true if there is a pause in the movement and then the participants start it again with the same intensity. You must give your body time to adapt, and if necessary, you should also seek help from a physical therapist or coach.

Imbalances are a common problem, they impair the integrity of movement, and can appear in cases of falls and bone fractures. If the disease is of such magnitude, then it is not a shame to resort to the use of assistive devices, in sports a good solution can be, for example, nordic walking, which moves the whole body, but it can be safely pursued due to on sticks.

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Everyone gets stressed sometimes in their lives, however, when stress becomes chronic, it becomes a serious detrimental factor to health. have a negative effect Also for the digestive, cardiovascular and immune systems. So it is very important to reduce and manage stress.

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social relationships

Social relationships and social events are not only good entertainment, but they can also help keep you mentally fresh. by search Social interaction has a positive effect on mood and also includes more physical activity – these are all important aspects of aging.

Foods to prevent osteoporosis

Foods rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamins D and K and protein can significantly strengthen bones, so it is recommended to include them consciously in the diet over the age of 50. Besides the good ingredients, it also protects the heart and digestion.

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