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4 tips to keep your body clean during pregnancy (X)

Why is physical and mental health so important during pregnancy?
balanced, A healthy body and a calm, stress-free state of mind is the right way for our baby’s tummy. After all, it follows all our vibrations and movements and lives with us, let’s not forget that. So let’s try to give him the best conditions.

4 tips to keep everything in order during pregnancy
1. Eat healthy!
If you are really responsible for two lives, then you should definitely think carefully about your diet and avoid unhealthy junk food. Proper nutrition also has a positive effect on our good rest, effective stress management and peace of mind!

2. Pay attention to vitamin supplements!
The Pregnant Vitamin offers a special solution to our increased vitamin needs during this period and cannot be compared to a multivitamin! a Pregnant Vitamin Eating it regularly helps the healthy development of the fetusIt contains the right amount of folic acid and becomes more balanced.

When do we start taking it?
It’s best to have it when planning your babyThis is how we can support our organization from the first moment of pregnancy.

3. Never completely stop exercising regularly!
Many people think that all previous exercises should be stopped during pregnancy, but this is not entirely true. The most important thing is not to overdo it, the key is moderation. Good exercise not only affects our physical condition but also supports us spiritually, helping relieve stress and making you feel tired by the end of the day.

4. Let’s relax!
Feeling very tired is not uncommon in the first trimester of pregnancy. that’s when Sit boldly and leave yourself enough space and time to relaxOur organization now has a different role to play. Let’s try to provide ourselves with all the conditions for a good night’s sleep, even at night.

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What do you do during pregnancy?
Avoid raw foods, as it may contain pathogens that can have a harmful effect on the fetus. In addition to Avoid the sauna And hot baths as well. Moreover Pay attention to moderation In terms of eating and exercise.

Even before you become pregnant, it is worth paying special attention to making sure that your body has a healthy and balanced foundation for the development of a new life. By following the tips above and leading a more mindful, healthy, and stress-free everyday life, we’re on our way!