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41,500-year-old ornate jewelry was found in a Polish cave, which is the oldest in Eurasia

In a Polish cave, the oldest gem in Europe and Asia, more than 40 thousand years old, was found by humans.

The oval pendant, 4.5 cm long and 1.5 cm wide, is made with two larger holes, possibly for hanging, as well as more than 50 small dot-like holes in an asymmetric ring line.

“It’s a wonderful old embroidery a sane man“It’s a wonderful piece of jewelry,” said Sarah Talamo, who led the research at the University of Bologna from Stagnia Cave in southern Poland.

Using a new radiocarbon testing method, the researchers found that the addict is 41,500 years old, the oldest in all of Eurasia, 2,000 years earlier than similar finds in France and Germany, decorated with drilled holes.

According to research published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports, the discovery also highlights that the territory of today’s Poland was an important region for artistic innovation in Europe, with modern people creating new types of decoration to signify their personal or cultural identity.

Researchers say it is not known what the drawing on the mammoth bone depicts. A similar form in Blanchard, France, is approx. A 30,000-year-old excavated bone was found, and it is believed that it was used to count killed wild animals or to indicate the movement of the moon.

Excavations at Stajnia Cave have also revealed that modern humans appeared in Poland 10,000 years earlier than previously thought. “So far, we have learned that there was no modern man in the area at the time the giant bone jewelry was made,” Sarah Talamo said. (MTI)

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