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42 years no problem? – Hungarian star couples with a big age difference

Opinions are divided on how much age difference is ideal in a good relationship, but few find a difference of 20-30 years or more. This is refuted by star couples who have been together for years, despite not being chosen by their age group: Delhusa Gjon is engaged and will soon marry his girlfriend, who is 42 and Cooky is also planning a wedding with Debora, who is 27 , but Csézy, János Kóbor and Béla Ernyey have also been added to the list.


Cooky made his public debut in the summer of 2017 at the Balaton of the Great Duet party with his partner, Debóra Szécsi. Not many believed in the relationship as there is a 27 years age difference between them. Soon it was announced that they were expecting a baby, and since then two young children have been born.

The Radian proposed to Deborah in 2019, she said yes right away and they will marry soon. “I think it is appropriate for a man to marry the mother of his children. Deborah has given her two beautiful children, and that’s the least I can do. For her, it’s not the ceremony itself that matters, it’s the girl’s request. Cookie recently revealed a truly unforgettable experience.”

Dilhasa Jeon

The singer got engaged to her 44-year-old boyfriend last year, and they are already planning their wedding. They don’t talk much about their relationship, but they did reveal that Fanny wrote a letter to the 63-year-old Dilhasa after a performance that was followed by more recent encounters. At first they were just friends, then they fell in love with each other and moved to live together.

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“So far I have received three offers for the wedding, one to jump side by side from a height with a parachute, one to dive in, and the third, it seems the most feasible, to sit together on a horse. We have four horses, now a foal is born, if we can’t even sit on it. We have something to choose from,” Dilhasa recently outlined his plans.

Bella Ernie

Béla Ernyey and his wife, who is younger than 38, get along very well, although few believe in their relationship.

Source: Béla Ernyey / Facebook

“When Dory and I got to know each other in 2008, not many people believed that with our same age difference, two people could be happy in the long run. But we proved to non-believers that true passion, style and the same interpretation of the world is all you can overcome. On him – and this quiet happiness is worth much more than just showing oneself out loud,” Bella Ernie wrote earlier.

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