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5 best Resident Evil games


Look back at the 25-year series.

20 May 2021 18:15 | From PlayDome | else

a Resident Evil Village Regarding its upcoming release, we voted for our editorial office members regarding which parts of the series, which started 25 years ago, were their favorites. Here are the top 5 on the post-synopsis list, with a little commentary on each episode.

5 best Resident Evil games

5. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999.)
Many of their favorite Playstation’s survival horror at the time were the first two of Resident Evils, which featured iconic characters as well as revolutionary gameplay. In the first episode, Miss Jill preferred Valentine, so my teen heart was throbbing so hard as she had to graze her laughs at the third Biohazard in gear outside the box.
The title character Nemesis has made this adventure unforgettable, as she wriggles across the screens in the most unexpected situations and then tries to nap Jill in the midst of his signature screams. We first came to the polls in the series, and depending on our decisions within seconds, the plot turned out a little differently.

The ammo shooting appeared here as well, and the mercenary mode that is still popular today is available as an add-on after the story ends.
For me, it was the best and most comprehensive in the classic trilogy of the time, and 20 years later a dream came true when the new version appeared.

5 best Resident Evil games

4. Resident Evil HD Remaster (2002/2015.)
It entered the first episode of the series relatively late, and for the first time thanks to a port released for Nintendo DS called the subtitle Deadly Silence. By then, of course, I was lucky enough to own several bits, and been introduced to other bits of style, but somehow I missed it. This franchise was so nice to me at the time that I only bought a Nintendo GameCube user from an online buy and sell site Capcom originally had a remake of Episode 1 with Part Zero. Later, in 2015, this almost revamped miracle was finally transported in HD quality to the fleet at the time, so I finally managed to traverse the brutal and amazing adventure of Chris and Jill at its fullest, full of zombies and other ugliness.

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The fixed camera view remained at that shake, but almost everything else was refurbished. The sounds, places, effects, and all of the other “mandatory” underpinnings have become terribly dangerous, especially compared to the original first part from 1996. All of this was accomplished by Japanese guys and girls while preserving the foundations paved with the core of the series and the initial pieces of the style.
I had my opinion when I wrote the review, and I still say today that anyone wondering what a true classic modern robe is, should look no further: this is his game! To this day, it’s one of my favorite creations in the genre, showcasing the basics of where it all began.

5 best Resident Evil games

3 – Resident Evil 2 (1998)
Although, as I’ve described many times, for me, getting to know surviving horror titles and instant love is Lonely in the dark It started with a series, but it probably required its strongest push with Resident Evil 2, sometime in the late 1990s. I was the first to meet this part of the series and we shoved it down with my brother on a good old Pentium 1 computer.
The program, which spread out over two CDs, instantly overwhelmed us with two main characters, a total of four plays, and solutions that were still mostly revolutionary at the time – in the best sense of the word! I remember how we got ahead of the Raccoon City Police Station deserving of a better fortune, how we collected items and clues, how we solved puzzles, and helped each other survive.

The previously shown videos were stunningly beautiful, the bumps broke at us step by step, the old building gorgeous even with the still camera view, the eye shadow effects of the time, the puzzles, the story and the decorating were terribly cool, they were created, and despite Whilst we could only guess at that time, they embodied the essential elements of the golden age of style in a stronger way than ever.
To this day, when I think of my favorite gaming experiences in my youth, or more specific acts of horror genre left to me, besides the Alone in the Dark trilogy, this game just jumps for me right away. It was a privileged experience that rarely occurs in a person’s life.

5 best Resident Evil games

2. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (2017.)
Capcom decided to take a very bold step in 2017: It led the series, which might not have been a little tired by then, in a whole new direction. Basically it is Last The character games concept has been carried over to the Resident Evil universe, but instead of shooting multi-thousand zombies, completely different atrocities were invented.
The events of Resident Evil 7 take place in an abandoned house somewhere in the middle of the jungle. This is where our hero, Ethan, who is investigating his wife gets involved. However, the house is inhabited by a crazy family who end up with anyone who ventures near their property.

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Hunting with the Baker family is hardly like anything we’ve come across in Resident Evil games before. The stock may have been just the old one, but it offered a completely new experience in all other respects. One of the most important changes was the FPS rendering, which means an entirely new thrill. Added to this is running away and hiding from the nearly indestructible family members, which were also very powerful elements of the game. And then we didn’t even talk about the later DLCs, in which we could be part of brilliantly sick mini-games. In one, we had to escape from a room so that the mother who was checking on her regularly wouldn’t notice the changes. In another movie, we had to break out of the cruel trap that called the Saw movies.
Last but not least, on PlayStation 4 we have a chance to experience the game in VR mode as well, not to mention that it means another level of stomach rotation again. There is not much like it on the market.

5 best Resident Evil games

1. A remake of Resident Evil 2 (2019.)
Resident Evil 2 Remake has been dreamed of by fans of the franchise for nearly two decades, and although there were some who gave up, there were those who tried to take matters into their own hands (among them Dimary 1998 Capcom finally succumbs to his waist, and nearly two years after the series returns to its roots in Part Seven, they demonstrate with full force not only why Resi once sat on the throne of horror games, but also why it’s still worth it.

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Resident Evil 2 Remake, like the GameCube version of the first part, will be an example for the gaming industry to recreate a classic for a new generation: it maintains all its original values ​​while creating its concept so that it is exciting to old fans alike. For beginners and veterans of the series, and while maintaining the depressing atmosphere of Survivor Horror, its gameplay is perhaps the cleanest we’ve seen from the series so far. Too bad the same remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis can no longer be repeated …

This was our editorial list, and now you come: Which Resident Evil game from the Quarter-Century series was your favorite? And you’ll soon be able to read our article about Resident Evil Village, which will be out on Friday. ■

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