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5 symptoms that may indicate a proliferating uterus: It cannot only indicate lower abdominal pain – Health

A prolapsed uterus is a very common problem among women and its incidence increases with age. The higher the degree, the more severe and unpleasant the complaints are, so it is worth visiting a doctor in time.

What treatment options to choose from Dr. Super Genji, a Gynecology Center His gynecological surgeon said.

What is an aquarium?

The uterus is held in place by the pelvic muscles, but if the muscles for some reason are not able to hold it properly – whether due to pregnancy, childbirth, heavy physical labor, hernia, or age, the organ begins to sink towards the vagina.

The more severe the problem, the more severe it, the lower the uterus into the vagina. Its symptoms are very bothersome, and yet many do not want to see a doctor, although it is a very common condition after the age of 40.

Symptoms of prolapsed uterus

  • Feeling of pressure in the pelvic area.
  • Feeling of pressure in the vagina.
  • Difficulty urinating / defecating, enuresis.
  • Lower back / abdominal pain.
  • The cervix is ​​visible / felt at the entrance to the vagina.

Causes of uterine prolapse

A sealed uterus can be caused by several factors, but it is more commonly caused by childbirth, mainly due to difficult labor or imbalance and lack of estrogen due to menopause. This occurs when the tissues lose their strength and elasticity, so they are unable to maintain function, and the septal muscle cannot retain the pelvic organ.

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Additionally, genetic causes, strenuous physical work, heavy lifting, heavy abdominal pressure, and some pelvic surgeries / diseases may cause uterine prolapse.

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Against uterine prolapse

Dr. Jozan Jinji, a gynecologist and surgeon at the Gynecology Center, said that uterine prolapse can be treated surgically and non-surgically, that is, conservatively, taking into account the severity of the problem, the patient’s age and the intention to have children.

A key component of conservative treatment is strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, even with the help of the pelvic floor muscles or perhaps with the help of a physiotherapist, which is also excellent as a preventative measure. In addition, it is worth considering the peak of hormonal therapy, during which the patient receives estrogen supplements. This helps maintain muscle flexibility and strength, plus hormone replacement helps reduce / eliminate symptoms caused by menopause, and even combat osteoporosis.

The vaginal ring.

The vaginal ring.

In addition, it is possible to attach a vaginal ring or a special cube pie to stabilize a submerged uterus that needs to be replaced. These solutions offer an alternative in the event that surgery is out of the question for some reason. It is also possible to use an electrical stimulator, laser, or vaginal weight, as the septal muscles can be strengthened.

In the event of severe implantation of the uterus, it is advised that the problem be treated surgically. In the event of a fall in the uterus, unfortunately removal of the uterus may be warranted. In milder cases or in younger people, vaginal surgery, insertion of a hernia, and ligament strengthening are recommended as a uterine retention measure, in which case the lower ligament support system of the ligament is shortened.

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