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5 Times When Catalin Breached Protocol

Princess Catherine In 2011, just 10 years ago, he said yes to Prince William, the future King of the United Kingdom. Because of the king’s main role in the family, he is subject to very strict rules that he usually adheres to. At the same time, there were times when he longed for more freedom, and he vomited on protocol. Check out our collection below to see exactly what it’s all about!

In the future, future queen

For females of the royal family, the skirt should reach at least the knee. Princess Catherine is well aware of this, but she broke it last January when she visited a children’s hospital in London in the group below. We think she did a very good job wearing that extra mini skirt with the blazer because she has amazingly beautiful legs, and it would be a crime to constantly cover her up.

Getty Images / Neil Mokford

Hugs are taboo. or not?

II. Queen Elizabeth doesn’t really like it when her family members are so direct at formal events, Princess Diana was really in trouble at the time. However, Princess Catherine once, like her late mother-in-law, led a civilian life, so she does not always remember to hide all her feelings. In 2019, for example, this young girl in a wheelchair hugged seamlessly in front of the paparazzi. Cute, isn’t it?

Princess Catherine embracing

Getty Images / Chris Jackson

amazing love

Unlike Harry and Meghan, Prince William and Princess Catherine do not show their love in public, as this is also forbidden by the Queen’s rules, especially for the heir to the throne. However, Princess Catherine sometimes forgets about herself and holds her husband’s hand, perhaps touching her face. Like last year in this sporting event!

Princess Catherine with William

Getty Images / Paul

Handshake and pacsi? Nana!

Princess Diana was the first in the royal family to refuse to wear gloves when walking among the people. Princess Catherine probably learned from her, though she can’t stand it, though the Queen still considers her very important. In addition, he smoothly shakes hands with anyone and kisses children.

Princess Catherine without gloves

Getty Images / Max Mumbi / Indigo

toe flash

It is also an old rule that female royals may not wear open-toed shoes and sandals, as the governor says it is not fashionable to wear toes. Back in 2012, Princess Catherine may not have heard of it yet, as she set out in super cute sandals for a formal event on their trip to Singapore.

Princess Catherine's Fingers

Getty Images / Paul

Why do we worship Princess Catherine:

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