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50-Year-Old Un-Makeup Shannen Doherty: Enough of the Perfect Hollywood Beauty – World Star

Shannen DohertyThe beautiful Beverly Hills 90210 and Charming Witches actress has shown herself without makeup on several occasions, and hasn’t worn much paint on the red carpet, but rather has a restrained look.

The fifty-year-old star revealed his normal reality again over the weekend, but he also included a critique of this post.

Shannen messages with a picture of Doherty without makeup

She took a picture of herself one night while watching a movie, and noticed that several female characters had been involved in some kind of plastic surgery. This, in turn, made him very sad, so he felt that he had to defend nature.

“I’ve noticed that I can only deal with a few female characters. Here I am targeting those who have stood in front of the cameras without recharging or Botox or plastic surgery. I can identify with women who boldly take their faces and see all their life experiences on them. I’ve lived too, and love The way my traits are reflected in my life.He said: I have survived a lot, yes, from cancer, but even more than that.

With this picture, you’re texting women who might not have had a good time with their skin just because they don’t paint the way they proclaimed to be the most beautiful in the world.

– Now I finally encourage you. I ended up with the perfect beauty that magazines and Hollywood try to impose on us. “I want to see women like me,” he added.

Photo: Nelson Barnard/Getty Images Hungary

Many people liked his honest opinion and image: “There is more beauty in your words and in being yourself. Beauty comes from within.” “Thank you, we will need you more than once!” “Getting old is a privilege, given only to a few. You wear it beautifully on your face your lifestyle.” “I wish we women would sooner realize that we love ourselves.” Commentators said, “Everyone has the same face these days, they have no authenticity in them.”

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In recent years, more and more Hollywood stars have spoken out in favor of nature, Drew Barrymore, for example, rejects annealingShe regrets the women who lie under the knife. Katie Holmes doesn’t feel uncomfortable without makeup eitherHe believes that happiness comes from within.

singers without makeup

Adele, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez also showed off their natural faces.