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54-year-old Halle Berry Bikini posted a photo: The actress is in great shape – world star

Halle Berry He is a health conscious celebrity, who pays close attention to nutrition, and is fond of sports. She does this not only because she wants to look her best, she also lives on her body as an actress, but because of her health. He was only 22 years old when he was diagnosed with some form of diabetes, and at that moment the moment came when he started eating based on the ketogenic diet.

Halle Berry in a bikini

Consciousness is also evident in his personality, he will turn 55 in August, but his bikini figure can be envied even by people in their twenties. As for training, he is a fan of the board. We have already written in more detail about this practice, which by clicking here You can also read it. Its advantage is that it activates the body, and it also develops the abdominal muscles, and by the way, it does not burden the joints

“Nowadays, when I train, I don’t sit down.” I develop my abdominal muscles with one type of exercise, the plank. This made a huge change in terms of my core strength and stamina. Sometimes I persevere as long as possible. My stomach muscles started hurting for the first time, but soon I felt like my whole body was on fire, 2020 women’s health Magazine article.

He also loves other sports, and is very favorite in boxing and running, for more than ten years. According to him, it is one of the best sports in which one can develop all muscle groups. The result of the numerous moves and ketosis was stunning, with bikini photos praised by fans. He regularly uploads hot shots to his Instagram page, inspiring many to pay more attention to their lifestyle. He posted his latest beach photo on Monday, garnering more than 135,000 likes in a matter of hours.

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In our photo gallery, you can see the hottest photos of Halle Berry taken at the beach.