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60 minutes of free Mother’s Day talk at Telenor

On the occasion of Mother’s Day on May 2, Telenor will provide 60 minutes of free local calls to all customers with retail and card accounts, as well as employee packages, to call their mom or the person who matters most to them. The discount can be activated in the MyTelenor app from April 26th to May 2nd and is valid for all networks. Telenor also offers 60 minutes as a gift to its employees, and on Mother’s Day, Friday, April 30, company employees can finish their work an hour in advance so they can spend more time with loved ones – either by phone or in person.

According to recent local research by Telenor, call-based conversation remains one of the most common forms of communication when it comes to the parent-child relationship, and one in three participants calls their mother the most often. Eighty-eight percent of respondents stay in touch with their mother on the phone or other call-based app at least weekly, and 44 percent call every day.

The survey found that most of the time we only call our mother for a short time: the vast majority of respondents (81 percent) call the phone for less than half an hour. They often talk about what is happening in their lives, their daily lives (79 percent), and other family members (74 percent), but also common topics include health issues (71 percent) and asking for advice or help (71 percent). In this area, a previous Telenor study found that two-thirds of adult women under 35 turn to their mothers if they need support or solve a problem. In such cases, the majority accept the advice.

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