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8 healthy and anti-inflammatory foods: With chronic inflammation it is recommended to eat as much of them as possible – Health

Inflammation helps the body fight diseases and heal damaged tissues, but while it is necessary to maintain health in its acute form, it becomes chronic long-term that negatively affects physiological processes and leads to many problems.

Chronic inflammation can be caused by a number of things, such as an untreated injury or an injury to the ground, accompanying autoimmune diseases, or if the body is exposed to irritants for a long time. Experts say stress, obesity and harmful feelings can play a role, too. Today, it is believed that inflammation can be associated with many diseases, and after a while it can cause serious complications, increasing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and precancerous lesions.

Anti-inflammatory foods

Chronic inflammation has less exciting symptoms than acute inflammation. Fatigue, fever or fever, gastrointestinal problems, and skin problems may warrant attention. Among the diseases It involves inflammation This includes rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, chronic thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis), Crohn’s disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

In these circumstances, well-researched meals are also part of the treatment. The anti-inflammatory diet does not have strict rules. It is rich in healthy, good quality foods, and focuses mostly on fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, and these aspects are mostly catered for through the Mediterranean diet. Some foods are known to cause or increase inflammation in the body, including refined carbohydrates and processed products such as various meat products and red meat, so it may be beneficial to avoid these foods.

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