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9 Triggers That Can Trigger Psoriasis Symptoms: How To Suppress Them

People with psoriasis know that their disease can flare up again and again after a quiet, asymptomatic period.

Dr. Purbula Kinga, a my skin A dermatologist, cosmetologist and clinical oncologist drew attention to the factors that often lead to psoriasis.

We know such reasons

Psoriasis is a chronic disease that can be maintained although it cannot be cured. Regarding the disease, which affects approximately 2% of the total population, it is known that there are some triggers that cause the onset of symptoms.

However, the good news is that there are also treatments and lifestyle factors available to prevent or reduce flare-ups more quickly. So what triggers and triggers are worth paying attention to?

dry skin

Because dry skin is such a powerful trigger, constant hydration is of key importance for psoriasis sufferers, as extremely dry skin can crack, allowing pathogens to enter and become overly infected.

Some research suggests that lotions containing mineral oil and anti-inflammatory may work, but you may want to seek the advice of a dermatologist when choosing the most appropriate moisturizer. For those whose scalp is also affected by psoriasis, constant moisturizing is also important, and shampoos and moisturizers with salicylic acid and tar are beneficial.

cool dry air

The summer months are more fortunate in this regard, but cold weather can be a cause of outbreaks, which can also be traced back to darkness, low temperatures and humidity. To prevent inflammation, you should wear clothes as warm as possible and not expose your skin to dry and cold weather, and have a vaporizer at home to ensure higher humidity.


Vitamin D deficiency

The summer months are also good for replenishing vitamin D stores, as research shows that vitamin D deficiency is very common among psoriasis patients, especially in winter. This is why it is a good idea to check your vitamin D levels with a lab test and to make up for the deficiency if necessary. In addition to sunlight, salmon and fortified cereals with vitamins and nutritional supplements are suitable for this purpose.

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Too little or too much sunlight

Ultraviolet rays help reduce symptoms, so they are especially recommended for psoriasis patients not only in the form of natural sunlight, but also in the form of special phototherapy. However, sunbathing should be approached with caution, and only short-term sunbathing is recommended, in the morning or in the late afternoon, although individual sensitivity must also be considered in this case, as sunlight may exacerbate symptoms. And sunburn can be especially dangerous because, like any damage to the skin, it can lead to outbreaks.


Some foods, weight gain

Depending on individual sensitivity, diet can affect psoriasis, so it is important to exclude foods that have been found to aggravate symptoms. Being overweight can also aggravate the condition, and it may be worth seeking help from a lifestyle physician or dietitian to resolve this issue.

skin injuries

Psoriasis can also appear on damaged skin surfaces, this is called the Koebner phenomenon. It is important to be careful when cutting and shaving, consider tattooing, and avoid the use of irritants.

untreated stress

Stress has been shown to worsen psoriasis symptoms and possibly flare up. This is why it is beneficial for everyone involved to find some way to manage stress, even with the involvement of a psychologist.

certain medicines

When a new medication is prescribed to us, tell your doctor about your psoriasis because some of the active ingredients can make the condition worse.

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Fungal infections, chronic foci in the body

Some common infections, as well as poor teeth or chronic inflammation of the face or forehead, and chronic prostatitis in men, can cause psoriasis skin symptoms.

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Dermatologist help is essential

Although lifestyle and attention mean a lot to avoiding flares, psoriasis is usually an illness that requires regular medical supervision.

Prescription treatments for psoriasis aim to reduce symptoms, and our goal is actually to relieve symptoms in the long term, which also means improving the quality of life – describes Dr. Kenja Purbula, dermatologist and cosmetologist at Dermatica, clinical oncologist.

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– Formulations containing salicylic acid, corticosteroids and vitamin D derivatives can be used for the topical treatment of psoriasis, and in large cases special UVA and narrow-spectrum phototherapy can have a good effect. If the disease significantly impairs quality of life, then systemic oral therapy and biological therapy are possible, which can lead to complete asymptomatic therapy for years.

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