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A baby stroller has flown 384 days with “no-guidance planes” since 2018

Peter Szijjarto has been driving “unguided machines” for over a year since 2018 – writes about it Facebook page Wind Bernadette. The non-attached member asked the Secretary of State about the irregular flights. List, it turns out that

Szijjártó has flown 384 days since May 2018 with Falcon planes and luxury aircraft buses purchased by the Hungarian military for billions of dollars.

– writes Szél, who adds: “All flights by non-state aircraft so far have cost 171 million forints, but these are the costs borne only by foreign affairs.” The request for data in the public interest also revealed that Szijjártó also travels to nearby places with luxury planes: for example, he has flown to Bratislava five times and to Vienna four times.

About three years ago, the government purchased two Airbus A319s and two Falcon 7Xs for the Hungarian Armed Forces. Initially, the official communication was that the machines would be used strictly for military purposes, troop transport and the courier service. In the past year, however, several cases have emerged when Victor Urban Or a member of the government used the machines. By 2021, members of the government – especially Szijjártó – will regularly use HM planes for their trips abroad.

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