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A cantilever is pouring cash benefit into Fortnite

Only 7 percent of revenue came from Apple’s mobile devices.

More interesting information is available about the legal war between Epic and Apple, based on newly released court documents Became clearWhy did the game developer dare to launch Fortnite from the App Store to protect his interests in the long run.

It is an electronic gameSource: Epic Games

According to court records, between March 2018 and July 2020, the lion’s share of revenue for the free-of-charge business model game came from console players: 46.8 percent of the money came from PlayStation and 27.5 percent from Xbox. Console gamers accounted for 74.3% of the revenue, while PC, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS devices accounted for the remaining 25.7%.

Surprisingly, Apple’s system has typically ranked last, with only 7 percent of Fortnite’s revenue coming from iPhone and iPad players, and they sometimes outperform Android in this area. However, that doesn’t mean that the version of Fortnite running on Apple devices performed poorly in terms of conversion rate, as another document found that 10 percent of the player base was provided by players on iOS.

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