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A cool shower hit those looking for Tesla ceiling tiles

They have been informed of the huge price increases in recent weeks.

Nowadays, it is not only classic solar panels that can be used to generate electricity in homes through solar energy, solar roof tiles have also started to spread in recent years. Technology was first brought to Tesla’s attention, partly due to the strength of the brand and partly because of the friendly value for money of its solution, there is no doubt that those in the United States are the first to try to get a quote from the company.

Solar roof tiles are available in many colorsSource:

The Electric According to a Tesla report, many tiles interested have come as a bad surprise in recent weeks, as Tesla has sent them a new contract for the cost of installing solar roof tiles, with a significantly higher final amount. The system works by first allowing clients to request an approximate quotation for installation on the company’s website, and then, if approved, a Tesla-authorized contractor will come out to them and inspect the roof to make a final quotation.

Based on past experience, it was not uncommon for the complexity and other features of the roof to cause the final bid amount to be significantly higher than the site estimated, as Tesla now shows that the experience has simplified the operation of the online pricing machine.

Subsequently He was very interested, Which received an estimate of $ 35,000 in February, but the new contract Tesla sent in already included $ 75,000. This 114% increase appears to be an extreme case, that is Ars Tech For one of her readers, the show went from $ 66,000 to $ 87,000.

In this case, those interested have the opportunity to cancel their order and get a refund for any advance payment.

Or at least, the person mentioned in the extreme example of this theory tried, unsuccessfully, to cancel his order for weeks because he was not able to bring in a single customer service representative or representative who could have dealt with the matter. Fortunately, clients must specifically accept the new contract before any implementation takes place, so this hasn’t proven to be a practical problem.

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