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A critical vulnerability has been identified in two Tesla models

According to Sultan Qasim Khan, a senior security advisor at Manchester-based security firm NCC Group Tesla Model 3 and Y cars can be unlocked and even started by a hacking thief. By redirecting the communication between a cell phone or keychain and the vehicle, the offender may trick the access system into believing that the owner is physically near the vehicle.

According to Khan, the hack is not unique to Tesla, though it did show the action to Bloomberg News on one of the electric car maker’s models. Tesla’s keyless entry system is based on the so-called Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol.

There is no evidence yet that anyone has abused the vulnerability, but NCC Group has warned its customers about the risks for security reasons. Tesla has not yet responded to the discovery.

Tesla admitted in April that, according to the NCC Group, “attacks through intermediaries are among the known limitations of the passive access system.” Khan said he brought the vulnerabilities to Tesla’s attention, And company officials do not consider the problem a great risk. To the vehicle manufacturer for repair You will need to modify your devices Khan said the keyless entry system. The disclosure came after another security expert, David Colombo, revealed the possibility of transforming some of the functions of Tesla cars, such as opening and closing doors and adjusting the volume of music.

The BLE protocol is designed to connect devices over the Internet, although it is now a way Hackers use it to unlock smart technologies, including home, car, phone, and laptop locks Khan said. The NCC Group said it was able to carry out the attack on the assets of several automakers and other technology companies.

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