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A cyberattack hits Hillel Dry Hospital in Israel

Hillel Dry Hospital in Hadera, Israel has been hit by an economic cyber attack that linked data return to ransom. Immediately after the attack began, early Wednesday, the hospital’s computer system was cut off from the outside world and returned to paper management, performing only the surgeries necessary to save lives, said Mickey Dudkowitz, hospital director at Military Radio. Only emergency cases are accepted.

Photo by Hillel Yaffe Medical Center / Wikipedia

The X-ray and CT scanners needed to perform the examinations work in the same way, but the images are now not sent to the doctor over the Internet, they are only stored locally.

The hospital director said cyber-attacks could also be life-threatening because previously automatically available information, including patient lists of potential allergic reactions, had to work. He also talked about how significant sums have been spent so far on data protection and was among the adequately secured hospitals in a recent review.

Now, leading cybersecurity experts in Israel are trying to recover the captured data, which in principle was backed up on multiple servers.

Nacham As, director of the Ministry of Health, has asked for increased interest from other hospital administrators, adding that experts in the ministry’s Internet department say one hundred percent cyber defense is not feasible.

It has not yet been revealed who attacked the hospital system, all that was revealed was a ransom demand. (MTI)

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