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A determined fan won every Final Fantasy award

  • One player collected all available Final Fantasy booty
  • It was the first in the world to achieve this result in about 3000 hours

There are those who tend to track down trophies and achievements until they have them all in a game, but Rebourne07 mania is really a separate category. player Celebrate for two years The great performance I earn is all there is to it Final Fantasy The trophy that only one player named SkullRobot managed to do. Since then, of course, it’s been a few years since Square Enix went out of business, releasing titles like Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, a Final Fantasy VII Remake and the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition. Also keep in mind that, meanwhile, the . file Final Fantasy VII Intergrade Remake and the Final Fantasy XIV Online It’s for PlayStation 5. Being an MMO, the latter is really a great wall in itself, but Rebourne07 was happy yesterday announcethat got Final Fantasy VII Intergrade Remake His last title as well, thus becoming the only one in the world who truly had everything available Final Fantasy Win a trophy – at least until a new game is released. Rebourne07 says the impressive result achieved in a decade took more than 3,000 hours, so we recommend following the example of only millionaires.

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