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A devastating analysis of the state of the Russian armed forces has emerged

Analysts at the Center for US Strategic Military Thought argue that while Russia’s military offensive is taking place in eastern Ukraine, it It happens very slowly with huge losses.

According to ISW, the Russians will now control Lysitsansk after occupying Severodonet, then They declare that they have “liberated” Luhansk Oblast and then continue their offensive in Donetsk Oblast.

In general, the ISW believes that the Russian forces suffered so many losses in Luhansk that they would not have enough strength to achieve significant success in Donetsk, where the terrain would also limit the offensive.

US analysts say there are still serious problems with Russian morale, especially among the divided soldiers.

It is very likely that Russian mobilization will not generate meaningful tactical skills, but rather worsen the already low morale and poor discipline between Russian and proxy forces.

Writing ISW analysts.

US analysts say the dissident formations in the Hersonissos region are still short of supplies and have recruited people who were supposed to be discharged from military service because of their health. And they add: Drunkenness and complete chaos are common problems among forced divisions.

However, according to ISW, there is a morale problem in the Russian regular forces as well: 30-40% of soldiers who were sent away from Ukraine never want to return.

Analysts also point out that In the occupied Ukrainian lands, the Russians are having difficulty developing the new political and economic order they prefer, And partisan actions are constantly against Russian military targets.

Cover photo: Stringer Agency / Anadolu via Getty Images

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