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A digital space for total relaxation: Kaspersky’s Cyber ​​Spa

We actively use online tools in all areas of our lives, and it is no exception that we take care of our well-being through technology. To this end, Kaspersky created a file A private digital space called Cyber ​​SpaUsers can practice various relaxation techniques online that can help manage digital stress and anxiety.

Today, we spend a large portion of our lives online: studying, working, shopping, and even looking to party and build communities there. However, we are still learning just how to manage our relationship with technology, that is, how can we have more confidence in our systems and devices regarding our personal information and how we can use it more carefully to avoid anxiety or burnout. At Kaspersky, we believe digital wellbeing should be a priority for everyone, especially in this challenging period. The Cyber ​​Spa platform Through the launch, we want to help people feel better prepared and experience less digital pressure, and as a result, enjoy the benefits of technology without worry.

“The pandemic has had a major impact on people’s mental health, as it was a major source of stress and increased feelings of vulnerability. This may be due mainly to the fact that our basic human needs for security – as portrayed in the Maslow Pyramid – are at risk. Social activity has decreased, and a shift from work has been coupled Distance to more time with less time spent on entertainment and fewer opportunities to reduce work-related stress and work interruptions, and in light of this, telemedicine and mental health – enhancing the role of digital tools, ”explained Berta Fall, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, Education and Science Sports at the University of Blankerna (Ramon Llul).

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a Cyber ​​Spa platform Users can choose from several ways to relax:

  • “Endless Silence” (audiovisual meditations)
  • “Voice therapy” (relaxation therapy with futuristic sounds)
  • “Fitness Selfie” (Fitness Selfie – face exercises designed to eliminate stress signs and negative emotions)
  • “Digital stress ball” (touch meditation stress relief)

By accessing the website, visitors to Cyber ​​Spa can choose the instrument they feel is most suitable for them at a given moment, or take a diagnostic test to determine their general stress level. After completing the test, the platform will recommend relaxation techniques in the most appropriate order.

Each method is based on a well-proven self-relaxation technique whose effectiveness can be enhanced by repetition. The developers have also created special sounds – like Jupiter techno, black hole infinity, or friendly cyborg whisper – specifically for Cyber ​​Spa’s phonotherapy treatment.

Dr Berta Fall added: “According to the World Health Organization, during the pandemic, 70% of countries surveyed used telemedicine or telemedicine to support mental health or provide psychological support. These new digital health solutions help people to: They can also play a role. “An effective role in promoting their well-being.In addition, organizations can support the mental health of their employees by giving them access to these digital tools.”

“The past year has been a huge challenge for everyone. The pandemic and the widespread transition to remote work have affected not only business operations but also the psychological state of people around the world. Rapid adaptation to new conditions and maintaining competence requires a lot of physical and mental effort, strength, There is a fairly high chance of various problems, such as increased stress and anxiety. One of our latest research For example, it has been found that the risk of burnout is very high for those working in the IT field due to the large workload, so it is very important for people to take breaks and relaxation from time to time. At Kaspersky, we believe technology can make people’s lives better and that new digital devices can help them cope with stress and find peace of mind. We hope the Cyber ​​Spa platform helps people relax and find the right balance during the workday, ”said Krishtina Branxogova, Head of Kaspersky’s Brand Communications Group.

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