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A Dutch journalist was shot in the head on an open street

Died Peter Rudolf de Vries Dutch fact-checking journalist He said Thursday’s family man. The 64-year-old reporter on the evening of July 6 in the center of Amsterdam They shot him Many times. One of the bullets hit him in the head, after which he was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Prior to the assassination, de Vries appeared on a TV show as one of the leading criminal correspondents in the Netherlands who regularly participated as a criminal procedure consultant and TV show expert. The journalist has already received threatening letters in connection with several crimes, and is currently the coroner’s advisor on a major criminal case. The case is related to organized crime. The former defender of the Shahid Crown was shot dead in September 2019, also on the streets of Amsterdam.

After the assassination, the police arrested three people, but no details were provided. The mayor of Amsterdam called the journalist a national hero. Mark Rutte The Prime Minister spoke of the assassination as an assault on press freedom. filmus sindoor He expressed his displeasure, considering that the assassination was journalism, the cornerstone of the rule of law and, therefore, an assault on the constitutional order.

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