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A film and television production center in the UK could be built for seven hundred million pounds

The BBC News Portal wrote that two American companies will build a “world-class” film and television production center in the UK for 700 million.

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Hudson Pacific properties and investment firm Blackstone, based in Los Angeles, has bought a stake in East England Hertfordshire for around 120 0 120 million for 0 370,000.

The facility, which is still awaiting building permits, is expected to create a preferred platform for British and international production of Proxporn.

The companies behind the project expect the studio to “contribute 300 million million a year to the local economy” and provide 4,500 new jobs.

Sunset Studios, owned by Hudson Pacific and Blackstone in California, shot its studios including Harry and Sally, Zoolander, The Trendless and The California Dream. Broxbourn will be the first division of Sunset Studios to operate outside the United States.

The British government supports this plan.


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