Police spotted a couple hacking cars in King County, Washington, on January 12. The criminals were in the fray when two police cars caught them. Despite their embrace, a red Kia Sportage somehow managed to get one of them out of the power’s ground units.

Flooded river puts an end to car chases 1

However, there was also a police helicopter in the air, tracing and capturing the criminal’s path. Police persistently chased the car thief until he turned in the wrong direction at a location 35 miles away. Perhaps he did not know, or, in his nervousness, he forgot that there was a flood on the Snoqualmie, so the water from which he was trying to escape was flooded.

A flooded river puts an end to car chases 2

Of course, they saw everything from the helicopter, so they signaled to the police in time that the chase would not last long. The blue-coated criminal finally got out of the RV and gave up. Since Kia was forcibly removed from its owner by the runaway driver, in addition to $33,000 (10.3 million HUF) in damages, it will have to respond in court.

Check out the aerial view of the car chase:

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