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A friendly warning came to the British Prime Minister

The superpowers want to do what they want, and they have some opportunity to do so. The middle and small nations take refuge in the shadow of the elders against their enemies, and the nations of the world are interested in ensuring that they live in harmony with their allies, and thus the rule of law, not the rule of law, is the common class that governs international relations. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson should carefully consider what his government means by the concept of Global Britain – Hopes Philip Stephens, Financial Times (FT) Advertiser.

The security and prosperity of the United Kingdom is about failing to uphold the rule of law and respecting the principles of liberal democracy in the world. Despite the considerable power of the island nation, there are not enough warships to assert its will alone on the world political stage. It is interested in convincing its partners that it is worth following the rules they have made in international companies and agreements. This is further exacerbated by the fact that the UK is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the G7, the richest country in the world and NATO.

More important than ever

After Brexit, all of this is more important than ever. China is challenging the West, and revenge in Russia is the main foreign policy aspiration of those in government, so the world is embroiled in a fierce political struggle for power as the island nation leaves the EU’s foreign and security system. Outside the club of European countries, you need to find another way to effectively advance your interests.

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The short answer to this from the current government is that, in the opinion of Global Britain, the UK can establish itself as the organizer of new international alliances. As a first step, it is holding a conference of the world’s democracies, and then, this year, a meeting in Glasgow for the next climate conference. According to a French Telecom advertiser, this is fine, but there is only one condition for a country to be a catalyst for international relations: it must be a trusted partner.

Two-bottle approach

So, the worst news is Johnson’s government Reluctant to comply Northern Ireland region of the 2019 Brexit agreement signed by the Prime Minister. Accordingly, in order to open the Irish-Northern Irish border, the border between the British and EU customs regimes came into the Irish Sea, where British authorities had to act as EU agents on customs and other regulations subject to regulation.

Jonathan Jones, the British government’s legal adviser, has been revealing for half a year what the problem is. This government is vague about the law. He wants his associates to fulfill their responsibilities perfectly, but he does not want to keep his own penny. Such behavior did not escape the attention of international partners, for example, signaling that the new US administration expects London to comply with Northern Ireland ethics.

Inflammatory ambitions

Johnson is not exactly downhill on Downing Street, he is booked into his friends ’capitals in the UK. As one of France’s former ambassadors to London said, the British Prime Minister is a serious liar. In light of this, they welcome his ambitions to maintain a British military presence in the Indo-Pacific region, to make his country the leader of the world’s democracies, and to launch a technological revolution in the British military.

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The clash of ambitious aspirations and reality, to put it mildly, is no stranger to British politicians, reminiscent of FT’s article writer, but whatever the Prime Minister wants, he must first meet the basic condition. Your country must be a respectable, trusted and friendly country. Through his behavior so far, Johnson is on track to chase away British hope capital. Instead, we must first have a fair relationship with Europe’s neighbors, without which more distant nations will only shake the British lion!