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A giant white shark is seen on the Adriatic Sea

For the first time, the TV channel Antenna Sud 85 published a portable video recorded by a local fisherman of a great white shark that was caught approaching his boat. In the waters of the Adriatic Sea, even if it is rarely seen, the native species is the great white shark, which is the largest cartilaginous recently carnivorous fish in the world.

An eyewitness reported the meeting at an incredible size

Again in mid-February 2021, on the coast of Frigul in the province of Puglia, a local Stefano Trumporella ran out to sea to fish with his boat. The town of Lecce is located on the southern shores of the Adriatic Sea, at the corner of the Italian Shoe, near the Strait of Otranto.

The weather was cool but sunny, windless and excellent visibility. In the southern part of the Adriatic Sea basin, the sea water usually ranges from 12 to 13 ° C during February’s minimum temperature. Tramporella noticed that a huge dark shadow beneath the surface was moving towards her ship. The large triangular dorsal fin that penetrated the surface indicated that a growing shark was circling around the fisherman’s boat.

The Big White often comes close to boats (illustration)Source: Tamás Elter

When the predator approached a tramporella, the strong physique and shape of the head, as well as its chest fin and tail, made it easy to identify an unusually large white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) Block the hunter’s way.

Stefano Trumporella also videotaped the big white woman with his mobile phone.

The video included below (and with the Hungarian translation) was first published by Antenna Sud 85 on March 1.

The shot only shows the silhouette of a shark, so the announcement that the large white body captured in the video was close to 9 meters should greet strong doubts, but it sure is a very large specimen of at least six meters.

Great White Shark Number War

According to initial reports, an unusually large white specimen of standard size was observed near Frigol, which, according to unconfirmed contacts, reached nine meters. In the literature, the total body length (TL) of a shark is the length measured from the tip of the nose cartilage to the tip of the upper lobe of the tail fin in feet, inches, and centimeters, respectively.

The Great White is the most prolific carnivorous species of sharkSource: Tamás Elter

Of course, the length of samples observed underwater cannot be determined with complete accuracy, but it can only be determined by estimation, usually in relation to the length of an object, such as a boat. Stefano Trumporella measured the length of the predator to the length of his own vehicle,

Unfortunately, scoring is not suitable for expert grading control.

The extent to which great white sharks can grow has also been discussed in the marine biology literature.

There is also a dispute in the marine biological literature about the maximum body length for great white sharks.Source: Tamás Elter

According to the generally accepted scientific consensus, among great white sharks, the maximum body length of females can be around 6-6.5 meters, and the body length of smaller males can reach 4-4.5 meters.

At the same time, reports of much larger white sharks are also known.

In their 1953 book, A World of Silence, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Frederic Dumas stated that they encountered a large underwater white diver on the Cape Verde Islands, which they estimated at 10 meters in length.

The famous marine researcher Jacques Cousteau commemorated an encounter with a great white, estimated to be ten meters away, in his book The World of SilenceForrás: AP Photo / The Cousteau Society

Two world class white shark researchers, Richard Ellis and John E. McCusker, in their book “The Great White Shark”, published in 1991, and considered the most accurate and valuable edition to date, about 10 meters high, also referred to as the great white shark, but these observations are not considered by science as documented enough to accept them as conclusive evidence.

Fabulous giants in the waters of the Mediterranean

Most sightings of white sharks in the Mediterranean are known from the Mediterranean coasts of Italy. Recently, on May 23, 2020, a record-breaking great white shark was spotted on the picturesque island of Lampedusa in southern Italy. Salvatore Securillo and his friends were on a speedboat excursion when a huge sea predator appeared next to them.

The large white color of about six meters was observed on May 23, 2020 near LampedusaSource: Salvatore Securillo

Using his mobile phone, Sicurello also picked up a curious shark around the boat, estimating its overall body length at six meters in relation to the 20-foot (6-by-20-cm) hull. It may also be about six meters away for the farmed great white shark that attacked the boat of two local fishermen, Stefano Catalini and his son, on September 1, 1998, on the Adriatic coast of Italy, near Senigallia.

The great white shark has no natural enemy in the sword-winged dolphin (Orcinus orca), the ultimate great white marine predatorSource: Tamas Elter Archive

A common fox shark hit a hook (Vulvar alopecia) Try to highlight the sudden appearance of a huge predator next to their boat. The great white crashed onto the smaller shark on the hook, then attacked the speedboat as well, as shown in the video included below.

However, in 1981, a great white shark about six meters in length (mesh fence) was caught on the Italian coast alone.

The six-meter specimen was caught in 1981Source: Victor Lin

The great white, which is considered the largest by far, is also considered to have been caught in the Mediterranean on April 17, 1987 in Maltese waters. Local citizen Alfred Kotagar was fishing alone near the cliff of the small island of Philvela, when the giant bait bitten. Kotagar made a one-day Leviathan tour, towing the destroyed Big White to Marschluck harbor.

The total height of the huge female reached 7 meters and 13 cm,

Although some experts later questioned the reliability of the measurement. Several earlier sightings of gigantic great-sized white sharks from the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea are also known. In 1927, a large six-meter white shark was caught on a hook in Rovinj, Istria.

Record-breaking specimen caught in Maltese waters in April 1987Source: Mundus Share

In 1963, next to Isola in Slovenia, a precisely measured white shark was caught, with a total length of 6 meters and 2 cm. On June 24, 2003, a 5 m 70 cm net, also accurately weighed, was caught in a net of tuna fishermen on the Croatian island of Jabuka. In the Adriatic Sea, on August 24, 1974, the last fatal great white shark attack took place near Omiš, Croatia.

The Adriatic Sea caught a large 6-meter white fish that was caught in the 1970sSource: Victor Lin

The victim was a snorkel diver, Rolf Schneider, a German citizen.

The most recent non-fatal large white attack took place in Croatia, off the coast of the island of Vis, on October 7, 2008. The victim was Domian Bisek, a 43-year-old Slovenian national, who was attacked by a large white shark estimated to be four and a half meters long, but The victim happily survived the accident.

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