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A hail the size of a tennis ball fell in many places in Austria, estimated in the millions

He said that Hail hit several million euros in Austrian agriculture on Thursday. Kurt WeinbergerChairman of the Board of Directors of the Austrian Agricultural Insurance Company (Österreichische Hagelversicherung).

We currently estimate the total damage to agricultural crops in the provinces of Upper Austria and Lower Austria as a result of the current storms at €28 million (about HUF 9.8 billion).

Happy Kurt Weinberger. Thunder clouds receded from the west over most of the country in the evening.

The bulk of the damage caused by hail, amounting to about 19 million euros (about 6.6 billion forints), occurred in Lower Austria on the borders with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The regions of Zwettel, Gmund, Tulln, Hollabrunn and Mistelbach were particularly affected, but damage was also reported from the regions of Neunkirchen and Bruck an der Letha.

In many places, such as Holabrunn, hail fell the size of a tennis ball.

The damage from grain to wine grapes amounted to about 26,000 hectares. He concluded that field crops have become unknown in many places Joseph Kaltenbock, the agricultural insurance company in the eastern region of Lower Austria. In Upper Austria, on the borders with the Czech Republic and Germany, the additional damage is about nine million euros. All crops affected, autumn barley is the main crop – and the extent of the damage extends to the complete loss – he said Wolfgang Winkler, the regional director of the insurance company. Already on Tuesday, about 22 million euros in agricultural damage was caused in this region due to the torrential cold.

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