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A Harvard physicist begins searching for aliens

He writes: An international search is being launched to find possible traces of alien intelligence Live Science. Galileo . project Avi Loebchaired by the chair of the astronomy department at Harvard University. The specialist recently appeared in the news with his theories about aliens, and this year he also published a book in which he wrote that an alien structure may have slid through the solar system in 2017. The alienYou can read our researcher presentation here and our interview with the researcher here.

In the new project, Loeb and his colleagues will seek to identify signs that still come from active technological civilizations.

The team will analyze data from astronomical studies and telescopes and will also develop new algorithms using artificial intelligence. Experts will search for potential interstellar travelers, satellites created in space, and unidentified celestial phenomena (UAP).

Loeb believes that science cannot reject explanations for would-be aliens because of stigmas and cultural preferences. The researcher emphasized that we need to look at it through new perspectives, in the literal and figurative sense.

Loeb previously suggested that the first interstellar object known as ‘Oumuamua’ in the solar system, spotted in 2017, may have been a solar sail built by aliens. According to the physicist, many of the peculiar properties of “Oumuamua” can be explained by its artificial structure. The researcher has received a lot of criticism for his hypothesis, and most experts consider his idea to be scientifically unfounded and sensational.

Mark Garlick/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

One of the tasks of Project Galileo, announced on Monday, is to find and monitor objects similar to “Oumuamua” in our system. If we can collect more data about these celestial bodies, we can get a better understanding of their nature.

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Loeb et al will also study UAPs, otherwise known as UFOs. In the United States, a comprehensive report on the phenomena observed by the military was recently released, and the head of NASA also spoke about the documents. In an article published in June of this year, Loeb wrote that UFOs could even be investigations of alien civilizations.

Galileo project name Galileo Galileo I hate it. The distinguished researcher made important discoveries using his self-constructing telescopes, and his results had a major impact on physics, astronomy, and other disciplines. Loeb often draws parallels between himself and Galileo, arguing that today’s mainstream science rejects his theories of aliens in the same way that the Galilee Inquisition in the seventeenth century rejected.