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A health and sports day for retirees was organized in Kiskaba

For the 18th time, the Vieques County Association of Retired People’s Associations organized Family Health and Sports Day Friday at CsabaPark.

At the event starting at 10 am Giza Pethanhazy The musician ensured a good atmosphere, many of the attendees danced and had a great time, just as they were young. Opening the program, the president of the Vieques County Retirement Associations Association spoke about the eighteenth time that Health and Sports Day, which is very popular among retirees, is being held.

– In recent years, we have held this event at the training center in Dánfok, and this time we are holding the program at CsabaPark. The event has a long tradition, which our retirees look forward to and love every year. In old age, movement and maintaining health is very important, in my opinion, you can live an active and beautiful life if you do it both physically and mentally, he said. Pal Szrinka.

The Vice President of the Vieques County Municipal Assembly expressed his happiness that hundreds of people once again visited the community building, health and leisure event.

We consider it very important for our elderly to visit the community, because if they don’t, they visit the doctor much more often. Today, it is a scientifically proven fact that those who go into a community can expect to live longer, and social life also has a positive effect on maintaining health. For this reason, it gives me great pleasure that so many members of the county’s retirement clubs are showing up today, he said. Balázs Szegedi.

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As part of the event, the organizers also provided health measurements to attendees. In the program, seniors can participate in a joint tournament, but they can also play darts or swing bowling at CsabaPark. This time, the cooking competition could not be missed, in which six teams prepared soup for about three hundred and fifty people.