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A huge cloud-like exoplanet has been discovered |  Astronomy

A huge cloud-like exoplanet has been discovered | Astronomy

In recent years, scientists have discovered a lot of special exoplanets, and the current day is one of them, because the huge cloud-like planet called WASP-193b is located 1232 light years away, and it is nearly 50 percent larger than Jupiter, but its mass is only 0.139 times that of Jupiter.

Planet WASP-193b can roughly be thought of as a spinning cloud orbiting near its central star. The planet was discovered by an international team led by Khaled Barkawi, a researcher at the University of Liege in Belgium. Discoverwho say that such cloud-like objects are very rare and could help us better understand planetary evolution.

WASP-193b is an exoplanet orbiting a sun-like star named WASP-193. Based on the observations, the researchers calculated that The exoplanet has a density of 0.059 g/cm³In comparison, the density of Earth is 5.51 grams per cubic centimeter – and that of cotton candy is 0.05 grams per cubic centimeter. This also shows how light the feathers are in this particular planet.

According to the researchers, this lightness may have arisen because the proximity of the central star can heat up the atmosphere and blow it up, especially if we consider that the atmosphere is mainly composed of hydrogen and helium. The team is now preparing to observe it with the James Webb Space Telescope and get more information.

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