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A joint strike committee is formed by the two major teachers’ unions

The Teachers’ Union (PSZ) and the Democratic Union of Teachers (PDSZ) are calling for an immediate wage increase and a reduced workload for education workers, and a joint strike committee will be formed, the two organizations announced at a press conference. Joint press conference on Tuesday, World Teachers’ Day in Budapest.

PSZ and PDSZ made a joint four-point claim. They were presented by Zsuzsa Szabó, president of PSZ, and Erzsébet Nagy, member of the PSZ National Council.

The first point is that the expected rule of the teacher salary rule should be the amount of the current minimum wage retroactive to September 1st. The second requirement is that the guaranteed salary for those working in non-educational jobs must increase retroactively from September. They also demand that education-bound teachers work no more than 22 hours per week as of September 1, 2021. The fourth condition is that special education assistants – who currently perform their duties 40 hours per week – must be employed for a maximum of 35 hours per week, and likewise Teachers, should be able to spend 5 hours a week renovating and preparing outside. Institute.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban will also be informed of their demands in a letter on Tuesday. In response to a question, they said the government is obligated by law to appoint negotiating partners for the strike within five days. Zsuzsa Szabo also said a letter had been written to parliamentary parties asking them to make an offer for education workers.

The head of PSZ emphasized: Since 2018, the alarm has sounded that if the teacher shortage, low wages and extremely high workloads do not change, the system will collapse, “there will be no one to teach our children”. No substantive decision was taken to settle these issues from 2018 to October 2021, although the strike talks with the government began in March 2020. However, due to the coronavirus epidemic, negotiations were suspended “taking into account the further protection of life and health” – explained Zsuzsa Szabó, noting that the situation is now so important and urgent that the members of the PDSZ board of directors have decided from the government “and call for the resolution of these problems in the joint strike demands.

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The head of PSZ said 12,000 people are currently missing from the education system, and that does not include those who have been replaced or replaced due to the coronavirus. He stressed that in such a stressful situation, teachers cannot provide education which is a basic right of children.

Arzipet Nagy, a member of the PDSZ National Committee, said teachers’ salaries had not held their real value for years, and were still calculated in line with the 2014 minimum wage. He stressed that they were still hearing from the government that they were “initiating some kind of wage increase” as of January.

At the press conference, several people mentioned that recently, on September 29, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, Gergeli Golias, spoke about the settlement of teachers’ salaries. At the same time, Erzpet Nagy and several other union representatives confirmed that they did not know anything about the scale of this wage increase.

When asked what they would do if there was an increase in teachers’ salaries, but it wouldn’t be fixed to the minimum wage, Elizabeth the Great said: It depends on the show, but they will certainly insist on some progress being fixed for the rest as well. .

Zsuzsa Szabó added: They are striving for automation so they don’t have to demand an increase every year. Tamas Totik, Vice President of the Hungarian Socialist People’s Party, emphasized that their goal should not be for a teacher to look for a minimum wage or a guaranteed minimum wage under any government.