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A large country in the European Union will receive Sputnik

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The first recorded vaccine against Covid

Announce itself On the official website of Sputnik. The Russian coronavirus vaccine, developed by the Gamilia State Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, was approved in Russia in August 2020, more than six months after the outbreak, according to official reports, and is one of the first doses. It was given to one of the daughters of Vladimir Putin.

Worked so far

Although the vaccine was initially subjected to a number of international criticisms due to the speed of development and the lack of a third phase of clinical trials, the Russian time has proven itself, at least in the current situation.

The research, which was published in the medical journal The Lancet in February this year, now includes results from Phase III to me

Sputnik prevents overall Covid disease by 91.6% and serious diseases by 100%.

Likewise, positive feedback has been received so far From many countries, And thereforeFrom our country Also – Sputnik was practically in the same weight group as Western “elite vaccines”.

The Russian vaccine has so far been approved by 64 countries, from Argentina to Serbia and Hungary to the Philippines, and it has been vaccinated in about 30 countries,

And in its production You can participate Other countries include Brazil, China and South Korea. (However, the Brazilian project may be overridden by the fact that the South American country recently rejected the vaccine.)

Hungary was the first in the European Union to allow Sputnik, and then the Slovak government ordered it – even though Prime Minister Igor Matovi وقع signed up for it – and more and more EU countries began to “pay attention” to him. Even if the scientific question was about whether or not a vaccine was effective, it has now acquired a political dimension, like some countries Soft tool See it.

Nostalgia for East Germany – or more? Vaccination with Sputnik vaccine in a Moscow hospital 2020.
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