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A large number of Amazon packages were accidentally shipped to a woman

By mistake, about 150 Amazon packages flooded a woman’s home in New York at the time the company halted the operation. A mother of four, who also owns a small business, she knew exactly what to do with poorly shipped products.

Earlier this month, Jillian Kanan received a few mistakenly shipped packages from Amazon for the first time. say to me Immediately contact the company’s employees, who confirmed that an error occurred and that the parcel does not need to be returned.

The problem remained unresolved, as an additional 150 packages were delivered to Gillian Cannan’s home in one week, which she did not ask for. In the end, the tech giant was able to stop shipping the mysterious packages in mid-June, before thousands more boxes were delivered to the family home.

Gillian Canan also shared on her community page how her house is covered in boxes:

The boxes contained thousands of plastic mask frames that serve to mark a distance between people’s faces and the mask, making it easier to breathe. Since he didn’t have to return the packages to the company, Gillian Kanan decided to donate the contents of the packages to the local Children’s Hospital.

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