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A large number of refugees can settle in the UK

According to the British Home Secretary, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens will be able to settle in the UK through family reunification. In a statement to the House of Commons in London on Monday night, Priti Patel said the British government would offer every British citizen, and anyone legally living in the UK, the opportunity to bring their immediate relatives living in the UK to the UK.

According to Patel, this is the only move

This will enable hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens to seek asylum in the UK, gain employment and access public services.

The British Home Secretary said the government had allowed direct relatives of British nationals living in Ukraine to enter the UK for live in Ukraine, temporary reception facilities in Ukraine and Hungary, Poland, Moldova and British visa units. Romania. They can also apply for a visa to the UK.

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According to Priti Patel, the British government has diverted a flood of processing staff to these places in recent weeks and visa applications will be processed in a few hours.

The British Home Secretary added that the British government had relaxed the English language requirements for immigration and the minimum wage required for the establishment of relevant Ukrainian citizens.

According to Priti Patel

If certain family members of British citizens in Ukraine pass the security check without fulfilling the standard eligibility requirements, the UK Home Office’s Department of Visas and Immigration will issue them a 12-month UK residence permit, regardless of applicable immigration rules.

However, the British government will extend the residence permit for Ukrainians working in certain sectors of the British economy with temporary work permits until at least December 2022.

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Following the termination of British EU membership, the British government has introduced new immigration regulations, which use the scoring criteria based primarily on qualifications and English language skills to evaluate foreigners’ applications and work in the UK. They come from the EU or somewhere else.