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A letter of thanks from Pope Francis to the Gemelli Clinic: a home where body and soul are cared for

The Pope wrote a letter to Carlo Frata Pasini, President of the Gemelli University Hospital Foundation. He is grateful for the treatment and humane treatment he received in the clinic: the doctors and nurses cared for the patients, giving them comfort and hope during the experience.

Agnes Guido / Alessandro de Carrolles – Vatican

In his message, the Holy Father expresses his sincere thanks to the extended family at the Gemelli Clinic for the friendly care and fraternal welcome he received during his hospitalization. The Pope was released from hospital last Tuesday after completing his treatments and rehabilitating him after colon surgery, which he underwent on July 4.

He carries the sick in his heart

“I felt at home, at home,” he wrote gratefully in a letter to Carlo Frata Pasini, President of the Agostinho Gemelli University Hospital Foundation. “I have personally experienced the fundamental importance of human sensitivity and scientific expertise in healthcare. Now I carry in my heart so many faces, stories and suffering. Gemelli Hospital is truly a small city in Rome, where thousands arrive every day, putting their expectations and fears into their hearts.”

“What you all do is not just delicate and hard work. It is a merciful work that touches the wounded body of Jesus through the sick.”

In the days of recovery after surgery, Pope Francis was able to feel everything he reminded me of many times: when it comes to human health, in addition to illness, it is necessary to accept and understand the person. In his message, the Pope now states about the treatment he experienced at the Gemelli Clinic: “In addition to healing the body, it also heals the heart, so I always pray through the complete and attentive care of the one who can provide comfort and wellness hopefully during the trial. I am grateful that I am grateful to I saw this, and I keep it to myself and take it to the Lord.”

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