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A locked phone screen can become an advertisement surface

Soon, ads may appear not only on websites and social media, but also on the lock screen of our smartphones. The Take Crunch According to Indian lock screen company Glance, it is in negotiations with US service providers, and it may appear on Android phones in the US in the coming months.

So far, companies have not had a hard time competing to get our attention, because tools and notifications belonging to different applications can easily get people to interact.

But now they seem to have found a new way to use the lock screen. Glance offers to change the news, videos, quizzes, games and photos that appear every time the phone screen is turned on. Adapting to the name of the company, this function is called “glimpse”, and according to their information, users consume it on average 65 times a day. And of course we are not talking about an ad-free interface.


Glance is a subsidiary of the InMobi Group, an Indian advertising technology company that has partnerships with a number of manufacturers, including Samsung and Xiaomi. The company’s software is installed on more than 400 million phones across Asia. The company’s design was demonstrated by the Glance Live Fest in June, a three-day virtual festival that takes place entirely on users’ locked screens. In doing so, it has streamed concerts, live tutorials, interviews and shopping opportunities to more than 70 million users.

As Apple sees the future in this

Apple recently kept in the event Present the innovations implemented on the locked screen as a huge innovation, thanks to which users can be more involved in the appearance of iOS 16. By the way, this functionality has been present on Android phones for years. After that, Apple users will be able to change the style and background of the watch. The decision also indicated that the locked screen could no longer be interpreted as only a security function, but also as an interface on which companies could place information, applications and even advertisements.

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With a feature-rich lock screen, Apple wants us to use the phone less.

Craig FederighiApple’s chief software officer called the lock screen the face of the phone and said that features like live activities could make it easier to get information quickly without having to unlock the phone and open an app.