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A major civil case will be filed against him in June

a Red CD project His game was originally the subject of four such court proceedings, but the four cases were resolved together until they together took action against a very semi-finished product issued by the Poles.

A week ago, news emerged of the merging of four civil lawsuits, as the court brought cases that began between December and January under one roof because they were filed for the same purpose. To this end, the CD project (henceforth CDP only) held a meeting with the shareholders and submitted a report to VGC.

According to Piotr Nielubowicz, CDP’s chief financial officer, the court has appointed a representative of the other side (a law firm) and the Poles don’t currently know how many cases they will take against them, but they will know by the end of June because they will. They are taken to court, and thus, by implication, CDP will also be aware of everything. (And since the CDP previously said they will do everything they can to defend themselves in court, they can now prepare for that.)

Meanwhile, prof Cyberpunk 2077 Still not PlayStation Storedistance Sony Launched in December, the inside vision adventure game on PlayStation 4 did not deliver an outstanding performance. CDPR CEO Adam Kisinski says there is no development yet on when it will be possible to return to the PlayStation Store. They are constantly discussing this with Sony because with each patch the game improves and visual results have already been achieved, but the final decision will be made by Sony. So until they decide, he has nothing to say about going back.

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Meanwhile, Cyberpunk 2077 Next generation It will also be available in the second half of the year (that is, from July to December) for the PlayStation 5. Xbox Xbox X.And the Xbox S(And in the same period, The Witcher 3 jumps similarly to a generation; here, even Poles can use fan mods – we’ve talked about these topics before.)

Source: VG247And the WCCFTech