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A message from the past – sgraffito affixed – with video

With construction underway on the corner of Balaton Street, the sgraffito dreamed up by Kossuth Award-winning painter, Tamas Ervin, will take its place in a new location. Work was laid on the wall of the former KÖJÁL and ÁNTSZ building in 1965, but now its new location is being sought.

– Every day we passed the former ÁNTSZ building on Balaton Street, even the dreaming space statue “Health” on the right side of the harbor entrance escapes our attention. Creation is a gesture from the past that probably never carried a more modern message. Work came to the fore again in connection with the demolition of a building completed in 1965. Chief Architect Laszlo Ofis and a small group of civilians noticed the message he dreamed of on the wall. At the request of the architect Ferenc Ulrich, the work was painted on the balcony wall, so that it could be carved on stone, or perhaps more correctly, of plaster by skilled masters.

“When the house was completed, Kossuth Prize-winning painter Tamás Ervin was asked to come up with an idea for a street entrance on the street frontage of the transformed part of the building, so that it had to be not only a building, but also a little gesture of the soul,” said Laszlo Ofjes. , chief engineer, of the Kecskemét Media Center.

During the current construction on the corner of Balaton utca and Nyíri t the condominiums would be replaced by the previous building, but the work was at risk. Several plans have been made for its preservation, which, however, may not remain in its original place.

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He began to think jointly with civilians about where they would transfer this dreamed, preserved thought. Obviously, it makes sense to have a site related to health. There are several of these potential sites, to say the least: Neighboring Honved Hospital also noted they would be most welcome, Laszlo Ofges said.

The construction of the city center SZTK or even the building of the district hospital could be considered, but at the moment, these are just ideas. It is doubtful whether the original sgraffito embedded in plaster can actually be preserved, as it was created on hundreds of pounds of concrete. Fortunately, one company made its own micro-laser imprint, while another pledged to recreate the work using 3D printing. Due to the pandemic, the space sculptures can be recreated with an existing message, chief architect Laszlo Ovges said, adding that it is important to pay attention to providing similar value.