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A mid-range mobile phone with an advanced camera

Competition is still fatal in the smartphone market. Anyone who wants to achieve results should not allow a moment of relaxation and must constantly offer modern solutions in all areas. Samsung seems to be aware of this as well, as the company has recently appeared on stage, among other things, a phone designed for those who want more than average but can no longer afford or are willing to pay for the higher tier. This is the Samsung Galaxy A72, and we were able to see what it has to offer as well as if it can fulfill its promise.

It is clear that with this model, Samsung is trying to outperform its competitors in photography. On the back of the phone there is a complex system consisting of several modules.

Samsung Galaxy A72.Source: Origo

The main camera is 64 megapixels with f / 1.8 lens slot and is equipped with image stabilization. It never misses any of Samsung’s miracle weapons, the very popular ultra-wide angle (123 °) camera, and in keeping with today’s trends, a 5-megapixel macro has also been included in it to “search for down” very close targets.

Take great photos.Source: Origo

They also packed a special camera with 3x optical zoom, which is an extra rarity in this league.

In our experience, the device can be used to take great photos day and night, and there’s no need to complain about its versatility.

Its video features are also good, since 4K resolution is resolved for the material, there is no shortage of slow motion function, and thanks to the already mentioned optical image stabilizer, great shots can be combined with it even on the go.

You can take good photos with him in the evening.Source: Origo

Of course, the standalone camera is not provided, which is surprisingly large at 32MP, and the 4K option is supported here as well, which video bloggers can please.


The company has always put a lot of emphasis on image quality, so it was surprising how bleached that out here, but that’s not the point. From the self-developed 6.7 ” Super AMOLED display, colors nearly jump, there’s no sign of fog, and the contrast is endless.

It has a traditional flat screen.Source: Origo

Thanks to the maximum brightness of 800 nits, the image remains visible even in sunlight. The viewing angle is impeccable, with a maximum refresh rate of 90Hz, which means a smoother and more fluid display than normal for “scrolling” and scrolling and 90fps can do well in games as well. There is simply nothing to communicate with, the visual world is awesome!

During use

The devices are more restrictive compared to the manufacturer’s higher-quality, more expensive products. The Galaxy A72 comes with a mid-range, Snapdragon 720G octa-core processor combined with 6GB of RAM. Its performance isn’t bad, it’s out of the question, but it lags far behind today’s best models. This can only be convenient during games as the best graphics in some apps have to be forgotten, which is why you have to forgo 8K videos, but somehow you can survive too.

Good thin coffee.Source: Origo

128GB of storage has been added, which is a decent amount, and for a long time you definitely don’t have to worry about where to put your photos, videos, movies, and bulky apps. There are no complaints about the 5000mAh battery, it guarantees a very correct runtime of 10-15 hours (depending on use). It heats up slightly when turning on the iron, but no annoying degree of overheating is noticed. The compact speaker size is adequate, but the sound is terribly boxy. Sterile, knocking, skinny, it might be enough for videos, movies and games, but not enough for listening to music. However, if you connect a headphone, the end result will be much better, because the sound quality will be just right. The bass comes out well and the stereo range is flawless.

Average looking

Samsung has shown with its foldable phones that it can show a new design in the industry as well, but with the development of this model it still follows the old school. Its screen is flat, it doesn’t drop sideways on the chassis, and its grooves are thin, but this can now be said of the cheapest entry-level devices. On the other hand, it does not look outward to moisture and dust, although that is the case, as it has also been certified IP67. The build quality is exorbitant, the buttons don’t flutter, and we didn’t have any problems with matching. Nowadays, it is fashionable to save headphone output from phones, but fortunately this product has not made this mistake.


Samsung has put a very blunt mid-range phone in the person of the Galaxy A72, which has almost no weaknesses. Its performance and appearance are average, but the display and picture quality is great, it also excels at photography. Battery is ok, storage capacity also, very good for mobile phone. And if we take into account that it provides all this at a price of 160 thousand Ft, then it becomes a highly recommended device.

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