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A month ago I launched Steam Deck, and Valve came up with the results [VIDEO]

A month ago I launched Steam Deck, and Valve came up with the results [VIDEO]

For Gabe Newell, one of the most important things to fix is ​​to extend the life of the Steam Deck’s battery.

single LED In a blog post Summarizing the first month of Steam Deck in players’ hands, he also briefly covered what to expect. Already, 2000 verified games are rated or playable, so you can play them either perfectly or with minor bugs on your laptop. It’s exciting for the company to see how diverse the community is in playing games, regardless of size, age and gender. They keep analyzing the game menu and can’t wait to get to the next stage. Valve has also put together a feedback feature on whether or not games in the verified category look really perfect on Steam Decken.

For both BattlEye and Easy Anti-Cheat, a developer stream has been created to allow Proton and Steam Deck support in implementing anti-fraud systems. Elden Ring and Apex Legends are excellent examples of what Valve has done in this field. OS updates were also mentioned (on-screen keyboard, two types of tap typing, keyboard used in game mode can already be used in desktop mode, plus keyboard themes).

They’ve taken the time to make the Steam Store more responsive and work better on Steam Deck, and the company also knows that having a lot of games will make scrolling through a bit cumbersome, so scrolling is faster. We also have the ability to create dynamic groups in our game library based on tags and other game characteristics. To improve battery life, there is an option that limits the frame rate to 15 frames per second, which is great for visual short stories, puzzles, and many simulation games. And for those who want to fine-tune, you can use the TDP settings (related to the processor card), the GPU clock, and the FSR settings (screen scaling).

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FTPM support is currently in beta, and if you exit it, you will be able to install Windows 11 on it Steam Decker. The biggest missing element to the puzzle relates to Windows audio drivers, and the company is hoping to have some good news on the subject soon. So Valve is doing well with Steam Deck, the second round of which will start soon.

source: PCGamer