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A new solution is coming instead of SIM cards

Soon, even a few square millimeters of space on the circuit board of a mobile network-connected device, which is currently occupied by eSIMs, will have to access, after the end of last year, iSIMs (integrated SIMs), which have all (e)SIM functions built into the The system processor that controls the device, writes

In doing so, the iSIM is essentially pursuing the same goal that gave rise to eSIMs in 2013, essentially supporting further hardware miniaturization by completely eliminating one of the key circuits used for mobile network connectivity as a self-contained physical unit.

The advantage of an iSIM over an eSIM is that it requires virtually no further development from the operator’s perspective, which has proven to be one of the biggest barriers to the deployment of eSIMs in recent years. By 2025, about 488 million consumer devices will be able to use an iSIM instead of traditional plastic SIMs and motherboard-soldered SIMs (eSIMs).

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