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A new species of critically endangered tree is named after Leonardo DiCaprio

He is also known for his environmental activities after actor Leonardo DiCaprio got her name A type of tree that was hitherto unknown to science, and it is Ovariopsis Dicaprio He laughs. This tree grows exclusively in the forests of Cameroon, known for its amazingly rich biodiversity.

Scientists at Britain’s Royal Botanic Gardens say they want to honor the actor because he helped save the Ibo rainforest in Cameroon from being cut down. Researchers and environmentalists protested furiously when it was revealed that they wanted to hand over part of one of Central Africa’s largest and relatively untouched rainforests to loggers. The forest is home to the indigenous Banen tribe and many unique animal and plant species, and is home to many endangered gorillas, chimpanzees, and forest elephants.

After international experts wrote a letter to the Cameroonian government to prevent the felling of trees, DiCaprio also adopted the order, reaching millions of followers on social media. The government then withdrew plans to allow logging, although the forest has not been officially declared a national park, the main objective of applicants.

the Ovariopsis DicaprioPhoto: Lorna McKinnon

The DiCaprio tree is the first plant discovered by researchers in 2022 at the Royal Botanic Gardens Center in Kew Gardens, according to PeerJ. describe it species. the Kananga The bright yellow flowers grow on the trunk of an evergreen tropical tree belonging to the genus, and since it has so far been found only in a small area of ​​the forest, it was immediately classified as an endangered species.

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